About Us

Lutra Press grew out of desire to help developing writers find a place to make the jump from passionate amateur to early professional. As writers, we often found the publishing industry distant and rather opaque. Too often when speaking with editors, we found people who were more interested in its market value than its artistic value. At Lutra Press, we know that a work needs to have a little of both.

About Logo

Our logo is a human head outline with the branches of a tree inside of it. We selected this partly out of respect for an unpublished novel that came through our writing workshop that despite some excellent writing, could never quite find a home. In addition, we find that this image bridges the idea of nature and the mind and makes thinking and reflection a natural action, which it is, and a goal of all good writing.

About the Name

Lutra Press was named after a fictional town in the first novel one of members ever published. It was a fictional place by the sea that always sounded like a nice place, so we named it after that. The line between fact and fiction is drawn between two mirrors.

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