Welcome to Lutra Press, a publisher bound less by genre than by passion. As a press that has grown from a writing workshop in Shanghai, we understand how writing often doesn’t fit inside a specific box. Writing is a work of passion (and at times obsession), and work of this quality deserves a wider audience to be read.

Lutra press is run by a group of expat writers who live in one country and write about another, so we are always happy to see submissions from expat and non-native speakers. These groups of writers often lack a community, and we will do our best to form one here.

Lutra Press is just finding its feet as a small publisher, and like the writers we support, is largely a passion project of a handful of writers and editors who thought the publishing business could be done better. Too often we found that publishing houses took far too much for doing far too little, and we hoped to find a better model where emerging writers could grow and develop into professionals.

Please check out the books that we have published and consider submitting your own work. While we are a small press, we will do everything we can to get your work in front of readers and to find your work a wider audience. Using our collective knowledge, Lutra Press can help turn your manuscript into a book for a fair percentage.